They say everyone deserves a second chance. This lady is probably through as a teacher after the second incident in just a few years. 

Olga S. Najera was arrested by the El Paso Police Department for an incident that took place over the summer at an elementary school. Najera was actually just arrested back in August for a different incident from 2016. Both of these arrests are dealing with her allegedly assaulting children under her watch.

For the 2016 assault, she allegedly pinched a student and put scratches on their hands with her nails. What took place this past summer with a different child is definitely a more serious assault. Najera allegedly slapped this student in the face, stepped on their feet and kicked them.

Since the first incident took place, Najera was investigated by the school and no evidence was found into the allegations. The district moved her to another school and we already have another assault claim by a student. Najera's lawyer has released a statement on these allegations.

“Olga Najera has worked as a bilingual educator of very young children for over ten years in the Socorro Independent School District. She has an excellent reputation with students, parents and fellow teachers. The accusations made against her are absolutely false,” Mary Stillinger said. “The allegations have been investigated and were found to be without any merit.”

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