Texas lawmakers are looking to reduce the number of training hours to earn a cosmetology or barbers license, something not sitting well with students.

Current standards require students to complete 1,500 hours of training, but the three proposed bills would drop that minimum to 1,000 hours, a measure being met with resistance from professional cosmetologists and students. Angela Ward, Cosmetology Instructor for Vernon College Century City Campus, told KAUZ,

Our main goal is student success and we kind of feel that even with 1,500 hours it's still not enough time to train them to get them prepared and get out entry-level hair stylists out.

Ward went on to admit that the reducing of hours requirements may increase enrollment in cosmetology training programs, but it will hinder the overall quality of education and increase the fail rate. Several students have also spoken out against the proposed measures, saying even they wouldn't trust their hair to a stylist with less than 1,500 hours training. Student Annabelle Turnbow noted the misconception of cosmetology training, that its more than just learning how to cut hair,

We work really hard. We have to learn things that people don't really think that we would have to learn such as anatomy and physiology and it's just a lot harder than people think it's meant to be.

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