Looks like El Diablo in 'Suicide Squad' is going away for a little bit. 

Scrolling through the news this morning and I knew this guy looked familiar. We have featured Jacob Pauda before. It's a face you're not going to forget. Jacob was in the news last February for assaulting his pregnant girlfriend. One night, Jacob was high on cocaine and had a butcher's knife in his hand.

He chased his girlfriend around the residence and when he got a hold of her punched her several times in the face. His girlfriend called for help, but Jacob grabbed her. He threw her around the place hitting several 'metal objects' around the residence.

Jacob is in the news today because his trial has ended. Jacob will be spending the next fifteen years in jail. The judge found that Pauda used a deadly weapon and there was bodily injury.  The judge also ruled that Pauda was previously convicted of aggravated assault which was a factor in the sentencing.

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