A Texas man on a food run luckily came across an abandoned 4-month-old baby in a church parking lot.

Stephen Ward of Galveston was on a run to Church's Chicken when he says he had a strange idea to take a different route, going by an empty church parking lot,

I almost didn't go down that way, almost went straight home but something told me to go down there.

Ward drove past the parking lot and saw a car seat alone under a light. When he approached the seat, Ward found a 4-month-old girl and immediately called police. According to KMOV, the child's parents were doing laundry at a local laundromat, making trips back and forth to unload their vehicle, when an unidentified person jumped into their car and took off. The car thief evidently didn't realize there was a baby in the backseat, and left the child in the lit church parking lot several blocks away from the laundromat.

The baby and parents were reunited, but at this time officials have no information on the location of the vehicle or the suspect.

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