This guy almost broke the fishing state record with this thing and nearly sunk the boat trying to get it in. 

Sergio Roque had the catch of a lifetime in Texas City, Texas the other day. He managed to get a 964-pound tiger shark on his line. This thing was not easy to get in. A three-hour struggle ensued nearly capsizing Sergio's boat. He hung on and wrangled up this massive beast.

"It's the hardest fight I've ever had in my life, the strongest one," Roque said. "When I first set the hook, and it pulled me straight across the back of the boat, pulled me straight to the corner and slammed my knees onto it."

Sergio was participating in the 55th Annual Tackle Time Fishing Tournament. As you can imagine, he took first place with this catch. State officials say the shark was 85 percent to the state record.

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