Using a racial slur on air is bad enough. Using it to describe high school kids is on another level. 

Last week Cleburne High School and Seguin High School in Arlington met under the Friday night lights for some good old fashioned Texas football. If you were tuned into the online broadcast on the Cleburne side, you may have heard a new nickname for the Seguin players. Mark Banton was calling the game and called them "cougroes". A combination of Seguin's mascot the Cougar and the word negro.

About 1/3 of the students at Seguin are African-American, at Cleburne only about 3% of the student body is African-American. People tuned into the broadcast said he repeatedly used this term about the players during the broadcast. So this wasn't just one slip of the tongue. That wasn't it though. Not even the cheerleaders were safe.

The same broadcaster also invoked a weight-loss program in joking about a Seguin cheerleader, saying at one point: "Jenny Craig has ... a lot of work to do with her." The school district has issued an apology and also fired this broadcaster. Leslie Johnston, spokeswoman for the Arlington Independent School District said,"We do not condone such boorish behavior."

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