The 2024 total solar eclipse occurs on April 8th in the continental United States
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If you know anything about April in spring in the US it's severe weather season.

So You're Saying There's a Chance?

For many months now, people obsessed with the weather, weather geeks and meteorologists alike, have been talking about what if there is some sort of severe weather on the same day as the eclipse. Based on climatology, it wouldn't be completely ruled out. I mean it can happen.

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An X user made the map above. He went back and looked at the April tornadoes that occurred along the eclipse path. The path the eclipse is taking is in the brown area. Any tornadoes that occurred in this path are in the red, and nearly every state in the eclipse path had a tornado in the month of April. Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Illinois, and Indiana.

Now, this does not mean tornadoes will occur in the eclipse path on April 8. This is just kind of interesting to look at spring's severe weather season brings a chance of Tornadoes in some areas also during the same time an eclipse is happening.

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