Soaring into the Future: Arlington Aims for Air Taxis in Time for the 2026 World Cup!

The City of Arlington wants to bring air taxis to the area in the next two and a half years! These taxis will fly between our city's airport, the Entertainment District, and the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

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Here's the plan: They will build a special place called a vertiport at Arlington Municipal Airport. From there, they will launch air taxi service into the city. A vertiport is like a landing and charging spot for special flying cars. These cars, called eVTOLs, can pick up and drop off people or things. The first plan is to fly people between the vertiport, DFW Airport, and the Entertainment District, where Six Flags Over Texas, Hurricane Harbor, sports teams, and lots of fun places are!

Overair will also create a base of operations in North Central Texas, which will bring new jobs to the area. They're working with DFW Airport to figure out how to make this new taxi service safe and good for the city. They need to think about how the flying cars will come and go from the airport, how people and things will get on and off the cars, and what rules they need to follow to make sure everything is safe. It's an exciting plan for the city!


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