Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and that means that it’s time to get a special present for your sweetheart.  However, not everyone has that special someone this year.  Some of us were either dumped, or had nasty breakups over the past year.

Well, the San Antonio Zoo has a solution for those who are newly single this year.   For the third year in a row, the zoo is hosting their annual Cry Me A Cockroach fundraiser.  For a small donation, the zoo will name either a cockroach, a rat, or a vegetable after your ex, before they feed it to an animal.   They’ll even e-mail you a certificate with your ex’s name on it, proving that you named a roach, rat, or veggie after them.  If you’re feeling extra vengeful, you can even forward the certificate to your ex, informing them that they were eaten by a zoo animal.

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For an extra $150, you can even write a personalized letter, and even have a zoo employee read it out loud, before feeding the animal.  While you can make the letter as nasty as you want, profanity, obscenity, or derogatory language will not be allowed.   They’ll even film the whole thing, and send you a video of it.

Even if you didn’t break up with your significant other last year, you can still participate.  You can also name the roach, rat, or veggie after your boss, former boss, or anyone who made your life difficult over the past year.

According to their website, the zoo is hosting this event to, help secure a future for wildlife.  You can participate in the annual Cry Me A Cockroach fundraiser by clicking here.

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