It's Thanksgiving, we all eat more than we should, sometimes of the things that we shouldn't, but we do it anyway because ... Well ... It's Thanksgiving.

But what about our pets? P.E.T.S. Clinic and the A.S.P.C.A. have some good advice for how to treat our four footed family members over the holiday.

Let's start with the turkey. Sure our dogs and cats would love to snag a little leftover something from our meal, but if it's the main course just be sure it's fully cooked and completely deboned.

While your pet may be constantly underfoot as you prepare to bake some homemade bread do not give in and let it eat any of the unbaked dough. When a dog or cat eats raw dough the yeast in the dough continues to convert the raw sugars into carbon dioxide and alcohol. In addition to a bloated pet this can even cause drunkenness and an emergency trip to the vet.

Something else you'll want to keep away from your pet is cake batter. Batter that contains raw eggs could also contain salmonella and is bad news for your pet.

While those are some of the things to keep your pets away from, there are a few treats you can give your cat or dog. Their favorite treat or a little bit extra of their favorite meal will be fine. You can also give them a few pieces of boneless turkey, a taste of mashed potatoes, even a lick of pumpkin pie. Just don't give them too much of anything, that can lead to upset stomachs or worse.

These tips are from the A.S.P.C.A. and P.E.T.S. Clinic in Wichita Falls. P.E.T.S. recently moved to their brand new location at 3001 Central Freeway East and in addition to a new building they are now a full service veterinary center, helping us take good care of our pets without breaking the bank. Because of the recent increase in COVID-19 infections they ask that you call ahead before visiting. You can call them at 940-723-7387.

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