Having played for the Green Bay Packers for many years, Cowboys safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix has had many a run-in with the Chicago Bears. Now he can say he’s been up close and personal to the real thing.

He shared security camera footage from last Monday night (6/22) on his Instagram page of a couple of bears nosing around a narrow street.

About a minute or so into the video you see him come cruising into the video on a scooter. The bears were initially hidden from his view by a white BMW that was parked in the street. He eventually spots the bears as he’s passing the BMW and that’s when those football player reflexes came in handy.

He quickly hops backward off of the scooter, drops whatever it is he's carrying, does a 180 and takes off running the other way. For what it’s worth, the bears seem to be equally frightened as they quickly flee the scene as well.

He captioned the video with "I play D # gotta be ready to go. A lil high on my flip turn but the drive was there. I ain't know how many was over there."

I would say one bear would be enough to justify turning tail and hauling ass out of there.

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