Now here’s a house I would be more than happy to call home.

For one thing, I love the architecture of homes that were built in the 60’s. There’s just something about the flair that appeals to be.

Also, I’m someone who loves to party, but also does quite a bit of work from home. So, when I heard the Dallas “Mullet House” was up for sale, I just had to take a peek.

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While the nickname of the home made me chuckle a bit at first, I was admittedly a little confused by it. But after a quick look, I totally got it. This house is the epitome of “business up front, party in the back.”

As you’ll see, the the house is a ranch-style home from the 60’s. It’s quite typical of the type of homes you’ll see in many neighborhoods here in North Texas.

But the back of that bad boy is where it’s at. There’s more space to chill in this house than in any other home I’ve ever been in.

There are several different lounge rooms, a full bar, a theater and there’s even a stripper pole in this house. I repeat, there’s a frickin’ stripper pole in this house. If that doesn’t cry “party,” nothing does.

It’s crazy because the living areas outnumber the bedrooms. In all, there are five living areas, compared to four bedrooms. The house also has 4 full bathrooms and two dining areas.

So, let’s jump on in to the Dallas “Mullet House” and take a look.

Check Out the Dallas 'Mullet House'

If you're all about mixing business with pleasure, the Dallas 'Mullet House' is for you. Take care of your business up front and then party with strippers in the back.

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