With Independence Day coming tomorrow, a lot of us will be taking to social networks to profess our love for America. Many will also shorten the word. This brings up a very important question. Should it be 'Merica or 'Murica?

The website Floatingsheep.org decided to put some science into answering this very important question. They looked at trends on google to find out what most people said and where they said it. The results came out pretty interesting.

It seems that on the coasts people are more likely to say 'Murica. In the heartland we are more likely to say 'Merica. As a true patriot, let me tell you. Those folks on the coasts don't know what they are talking about. We are only dropping an A, not changing the entire word. It is supposed to be 'Merica!

It wasn't a big city vs small town thing when it came to spellings. The biggest places for the use of 'Merica were Oklahoma City and Indianapolis while the biggest places for the word 'Murica were Los Angeles and Washington DC.

If you want even more of a breakdown of the 'Merica vs 'Murica debate make sure and read the full article at floatingsheep.org

Happy 4th of July!!! 'Merica!

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