The story of a Santa who granted a dying boy his final Christmas wish touched hearts around the world, but just days after the story went viral, social media went crazy because it seemed like the story was total lie.

Eric Schmitt-Matzen is the Santa who said he was called to a Knoxville hospital to comfort a five year old boy who was on the verge of death and wanted to meet Santa. Matzen said the boy died in his arms.

When several news agencies tried to verify the details of the story, they couldn’t, and the newspaper that ran the story originally withdrew it saying they couldn’t verify the details either.

The NBC affiliate in Knoxville said yesterday that they have independently verified several critical details of this story, but agreed not to publish them for the sake of privacy. According to WBIR,

Matzen’s wife said the incident happened in mid-October, but that he said it happened about six weeks ago because he was so profoundly affected. Matzen said his wife is better at remembering dates.

As to why Matzen won't reveal the names of the family or nurse - he said he promised the nurse to not reveal her name because she could lose her job, and understandably, the family had enough to deal with.

Matzen said if the family wanted to come forward, he would stand by them, but he thinks they shouldn't. He said he wouldn't want to see them be put through the wringer the way he has been since the story came out.

So, you know how everyone wants to know if Santa is real? I think Eric Schmitt-Matzen IS Santa Claus. He is putting his reputation and mental health on the line by shielding a nurse who was only trying to fulfill a child's dying wish, and a family who was reeling from losing their beloved five year old son. This sweet man would rather people call him a liar than give up the nurse and family.

Yes, St. Nick really exists and his name is Eric Schmitt-Matzen.

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