The Voice contestant Jesse Desorcy may not have earned any chair turns during his audition on Monday night's (March 8) episode, but he did David Lee Murphy proud with a high-energy, uptempo rendition of his 1995 hit, "Dust on the Bottle."

It's an impressive feat for any would-be Voice champ to get onstage in front of coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Nick Jonas and John Legend, but the 29-year-old Rhode Island native has overcome an additional hurdle in his performing career: He's legally blind. He joked to the judges after his performance that due to his sight, he was unable to tell if any of the four of them had turned their chairs for them.

"I have no idea what happened on that side of things," Desorcy said with a laugh from the stage.

"Oh my gosh! Well, I hate that I'm the one telling you this. There aren't any chairs turned for you," Clarkson followed, going on to offer an explanation as to why the singer won't be moving forward in the show. "There were just some pitch issues, that I don't know if would be a regular thing, or maybe you were just a little nervous."

Shelton agreed that the pitch problems in Desorcy's performance could well have been the product of nerves. "Absolutely, man, no question about it. But you were singing sharp a lot," he pointed out. "Maybe you should have brought the key up a little bit. It kept me from hitting my button."

Both Jonas and Legend spoke to Desorcy's unique tone and vocal quality, giving him advice on how to use those distinct qualities to his advantage.

"I really feel like playing with a band — maybe you have one already — is probably the move, because your voice cuts so clearly through. I do feel like you've got a really unique tone," Jonas offered.

"It's very powerful. It's very energizing for the room. It makes people feel like a lot of passion and power is coming from you," Legend added, speaking about Desorcy's voice. "Just know that you have those tools to work with, and if you just control them a little bit better, you'll be in great shape."

However, The Voice contestant's song selection did score him some extra points with Clarkson, who danced along to his rendition of "Dust on the Bottle" throughout the audition. "Dude, you just rocked my little country girl heart. I love that song so much," she told him during her critique.

The Voice airs on NBC at 8PM CT each Monday and Tuesday.

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