I have to admit, I had it pretty good as a kid. We lived in a small town where I was free to hop on my bicycle and pedal over to my friends' houses pretty much any time I wanted to as long as I was home in time for supper. My mom had been a teacher before getting married and made sure we were all doing well in school. And my dad would teach me the things that dad's teach their sons. Things like how to use his tools - and put them back where they belonged afterward. He also showed me how to do most of the simple automobile maintenance that everyone with a car needs to know. We changed oil together, installed the glasspacks on my GTO together, and I was a champ at checking air pressure in my tires.

Apparently not everyone has a dad like that, so one YouTuber has taken on the task of teaching us all how to do some of those things.

He covers things like how to check your tire pressure, how to unclog a bathtub, even how to use a stud finder. The stud finder lesson even includes a typical dad joke.

Rob Kennedy is getting a lot of attention and love for his helpful tutorials. He's racking up the views on his individual videos and at last count his YouTube channel had more than 1.5 million followers. That's pretty cool.

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