We all know that dogs are known as man's best friend. This dog takes it to a whole other level. He's not just your friend, he's your fishing buddy, too. Check it out as Rani the Golden Retriever lands a pretty nice bluegill right off the dock.

This wasn't just a one time thing, either. Rani's owner says that the dog has caught dozens of wish and even a couple turtles. The dog even has a method to how she does it. She takes a piece of bred (which the owner threw in the water) and puts it right under her nose. When the fish starts to take the bait, that's when she moves in!

This video is a pretty short clip, but if you want to see the full video of Rani and her fish, you can see it on her owner's YouTube page. She's even nice enough to share her catch with the other dogs at the house.