Do you make it a point to talk to your neighbors regularly or do you go out of your way to avoid them altogether?

I remember when I was a kid growing up in the 80’s, our family had a great relationship with our neighbors. We talked with them regularly and always invited each other over when we had gatherings.

However, we’re not nearly as close with our neighbors these days. I have some very good neighbors and we always wave and greet one another, but we aren’t nearly as close to our neighbors as my family was when I was growing up.

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And that seems to be the case with most people.

According to HomeAdvisor, almost half of people spent at least one evening per month with a neighbor back in the 70’s. In contrast, a recent study found that just over half speak to a neighbor once a week, while over three in five go out of their way to avoid them.

Think about that for a minute. Over half of the people surveyed go out of their way to avoid a neighbor. That’s a staggering statistic to me. Then again, I have some pretty cool neighbors.

Unfortunately, not everyone here in North Texas can say the same.

The study found that Fort Worth was home to the most annoying neighbors in the country, with “general noise” being the top complaint. My mother and sister live in Fort Worth, so I spend a lot of time there and I’ve never found their neighbors to be noisy. I guess they’re among the lucky ones.

Damir Khabirov
Damir Khabirov

Here’s the thing – the survey found that some of the best neighbors in the nation could be found just over 30 miles to the east of Fort Worth in Dallas. The chief complaint the folks in Dallas had was that their neighbors hosted “loud parties”. I’ll definitely take the occasional loud party over someone being noisy in general.

In all, several Texas cities found their way into the Top 10 on the lists of both the most and least annoying neighbors. Get the full results of the study here.

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