Friends make the world better, right? But what about all of those social media friends that you met once at a concert or a college party and haven't actually spoken to in the several years since then?

Sunday, November 17th, is the 10th annual National Unfriend Day. It's the perfect day to scroll through the countless people you connected with once, but don't really need to see all of their pet pictures or know where they're vacationing while you're slaving away at work.

Facebook went online in February of 2004 and by 2010 it had become one of the most popular social media sites on the planet connecting millions of people. But that connectivity came with a cost and by 2010 Jimmy Kimmel had decided it was time we collectively reviewed our connections, so he declared November 17th to be National Unfriend Day on his show, Jimmy Kimmel Live.

If you're just collecting friends and contacts to see how many you can get, fine. But if you actually want to be selective about who you share things with, this Sunday would be the perfect time to scroll through your social media contacts and decide who stays and who goes.

If you look at your friends count on Monday morning and notice it's dropped a bit, now you'll know why.

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