Calling all weather nerds. 

I find thunderstorms to be equal parts fascinating and terrifying. While I’m no storm chaser, I could see myself really getting into it. 

There’s something about the adrenaline rush I get when the weather starts to get scary. I would imagine it can be quite addicting. Otherwise, why would people be so eager to potentially put themselves in harm's way? 

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As is always the case this time of year, storm chasers have been busy roaming the highways of Texas in search of a good rush. And it’s been a particularly active severe weather season this year. It started early and shows no signs of letting up any time soon. 

Just last week, our team shared footage of a scary supercell that formed in the skies over Amarillo, Texas. While there was a tornado warning associated with the supercell, no injuries were reported. 

And now we have time-lapse footage of a supercell that formed near the West Texas town of Farwell on Tuesday, May 23. 

While the footage is breathtaking, to say the least, I can only imagine how awesome it must have been to witness first-hand. I’m not going to lie to you, though. My first inclination would probably have been to get the hell out of there as soon as I saw the rotation. 

Luckily, the chasers who witnessed the supercell were brave enough to stick it out and share the footage with the rest of us.

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