This year finds many of us doing a lot more working from home, but setting your laptop up on the kitchen table and trying to concentrate on work while you ignore the kids watching Nickelodeon ten feet away can only last so long.

For some, there's another room that already has been, or can be, converted into a home office. Others may need to get a little more creative. Enter the Zen Work Pod.

It's similar to the tiny house idea but it's just one small room that can be configured into your ideal work place.

The Zen Work Pods are available through a company called Autonomous and will set you back about $15,000 retail. They do have some special pricing right now as they try to break into the market.

The pods themselves look pretty cool with lots of natural light and built in storage space. While not shown in any of the images they are adaptable for some sort of heating and cooling system and are powered by your home's electrical service.

The pods are quite small, measuring 94.5 inches by 78.8 inches inside so you'd probably only want one person working in it and I don't know anyone who keeps their workspace as clean and uncluttered as the one in the video.

According to the company's promotional material they can also be used as workout space so you can really find your zen in your Zen Work Pod.

Still, if you needed a small space, apart from the rest of your home, these little work pods or something similar that you build in your back yard or garage just might be what you're looking for.

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