I've been stung by a wasp a few times in my life and after trying to dodge them this weekend while camping, I decided to do some research. I found some useful tips to avoid wasp stings this summer that I wanted to pass on.

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    Where Light Colored Clothes

    I was skeptical about this one. Studies show that when disturbed wasps and bees are more likely to direct their attack against dark colored objects.

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    Don't Panic If A Wasp Lands On You

    I know this is easier said than done, but a wasp is more likely to sting you if you "flip out." When a wasp is flying around you try to move calmly away. Jerky fast movements irritate them.

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    Make Sure There Isn't A Nest Nearby-Wasps Love Food!

    If you plan to dine outside for the 4th of July make sure there aren't any wasp nests close by. Wasps are attracted to food!

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    Keep An Eye On Your Drink

    Like bees, wasps are also attracted to soft drinks and beer. Keep an eye on your drink so you don't get stung!

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    If You Are Being Attacked Run Through Thick Vegetation

    If you think you are being attacked run! A quick sprint through thick vegetation is ideal to get them off you.