In 2013, Danielle Bradbery captured the attention of television audiences on The Voice with Blake Shelton acting as her coach. As one of the show's youngest winners ever (both Bradbery and Season 8 winner Sawyer Fredericks were 16 years old when they won, and Season 14's Brynn Cartelli was 15 when she took home the crown), Bradbery has gone on to release two Top 10 albums and a host of singles that have shown a vocal range and lyrical depth far beyond her young years.

Scroll through the list below to check out The Boot’s picks for the Top 5 Danielle Bradbery songs. Did we include your favorite?

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    "Maybe It Was Memphis"

    Performed During 'The Voice' (2013)

    Bradbery covered a host of artists during her competition on The Voice, but our absolute favorite is her version of the Pam Tillis original “Maybe It Was Memphis.” Performed twice during Season 4, the song gave a young Bradbery the perfect setting to show off her vocal prowess and country roots. “Maybe It Was Memphis” is a clear reminder of her range as an artist.

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    "Young in America"

    From 'Danielle Bradbery' (2013)

    Bradbery followed her debut single, “The Heart of Dixie,” with this carefree, uptempo track that shows off her ability as a singing storyteller. Written by Whitney Duncan, Jaren Johnston and Kylie Sackley, “Young in America” seems tailor-made for a young woman on the cusp of adulthood and out to soak up every last minute of bring young. It’s an energetic summertime anthem, so turn it up and roll the windows down!

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    "The Heart of Dixie"

    From 'Danielle Bradbery' (2013)

    Bradbery's first original single following her win on The Voice, “The Heart of Dixie” was a great way to introduce the young rising star to the world. Her down-home sweetness shines through the track, while also hinting at a young woman who was finding her voice. Highlighting the killer vocals that won her the trophy on The Voice, the smooth ballad about the strength of a woman put Bradbery on the map and poised the young singer for great things.

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    From 'I Don't Believe We've Met' (2017)

    In many ways, the 2017 release of “Sway” was an introduction to a whole new Bradbery, after an extended hiatus from the singer. Written with Emily Weisband and Johan Fansson, the soulful and vibrant song helped the singer reveal a whole new side of herself and her music, which has deepened in subsequent singles including “Worth It." “Sway” is smooth and groovy, and a perfect showcase of Bradbery’s growth as an artist. 

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    "Worth It"

    From 'I Don't Believe We've Met' (2017)

    “Worth It” is Bradbery’s most recent single and undoubtedly one of her very best. If early tracks such as “The Heart of Dixie” and “Young in America” featured a girl finding her voice, “Worth It” reveals a woman who has most certainly found it … and herself. Saturated in bluesy piano and twangy guitars, “Worth It” showcases both Bradbery’s powerhouse vocals and her emotional depth while providing an inspiring anthem of empowerment and self-confidence. It’s beautiful, vulnerable and impeccably performed -- everything a country ballad should be.

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