Calling all soup fans. 

I have a confession to make – I'm a raging soupaholic. I love the stuff. I typically have it for lunch at least twice a week. 

And when it gets cold outside, I’ll eat even more of it. I can be freezing cold, and I’ll instantly thaw out after the first spoonful. For my money, soup is the ultimate comfort food.

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Typically, I just throw a can of Chunky or Progresso in a microwaveable soup bowl, nuke it for three minutes, and call it good. But now and then my wife will make a big old pot of chicken noodle and I’ll grub on it for a few days. 

But I also love a good soup and sandwich combo from the deli. It makes for a nice lunch and will usually save you a few bucks. That’s what corporate types call a win-win. 

I’m also a fan of seeking out new restaurants to try while I’m road-tripping. No road trip is complete for me without sampling a few new foods along the way. 

So, if you’re like me and love soup and road trips, you’re going to want to add these Texas eateries to your road trip bucket list, thanks to Yelp. 

2024’s Top Soup Spots in Texas

Christina's American Table - Granbury

Four Kings - Universal City

Pho Huynh - Rosenberg

Stone Soup Cafe - Burleson

The Soup Peddler - Austin

Ten Seconds Yunnan Rice Noodle - Selma

The Rose Garden Tearoom - Fort Worth

Salata - Houston

Pho Palace 2 - Mansfield

Pho Thy - Houston

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