Trae Sheehan is amped up and ready to jump in his new song "Over the Edge," but there's something more serene about his performance of the track. Press play above to watch the clip, exclusively on The Boot.

"I'm over the edge / I'm past the point of giving in / I got no place to stand / I'm over the edge / Watch as I dive in," Sheehan sings in the song's chorus, accompanying himself on electric guitar. He's performing from a lush forest, a rocky wall behind him and a quietly flowing river next to him. Talia Hayes, who filmed the performance, makes sure viewers get a full view of the gorgeous landscape.

"Over the Edge" comes from Sheehan's forthcoming third full-length album, Postcards From the Country. Now based in Nashville, Sheehan grew up on an alpaca farm in West Virginia, homeschooled under the watch of his musician parents and touring by the time he was a teenager.

Sheehan recorded his new album in the New York State's Hudson Valley, at the Building in Marlboro. “We only had two and a half days to make the record, so we were very decisive about what we wanted on each song. That meant things like bringing in a percussionist, instead of a full drum kit, for a lighter touch and using upright bass instead of electric,” the artist explains.

"I wanted the songs to speak for themselves," 22-year-old Sheehan adds, "without a lot of production to distract from the message.”

Postcards From the Country, which follows Sheehan's 2019 release Arizona, is due out on Sept. 18. Visit for more information.

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