We tend to think of these things as happening more often around the holidays, but these robberies happened in just the last few days.

Two North Texas woman had their purses stolen from their vehicles in broad daylight while they were only a few feet away. One of the thefts was even captured on video.

The story comes to us from Fox 4 in Dallas.

It seems that Cindi Caudle was putting her groceries in her vehicle at the Costco on Churchill Way in Dallas, Texas. She placed her purse in her vehicle as she usually does, then stepped around to the back to load her groceries.

While she was occupied doing that a very brave thief backed into the adjacent parking space, snatched her purse, and made off with it. The whole thing was captured on dashcam video by another shopper a row over in the parking lot.

The driver with the dash camera was screaming at her that she was being robbed, but she was totally oblivious to that fact until she realized her purse had been taken. At least there's video evidence of the robber and his vehicle.

The robber got away with nearly $7,000 worth of items including a tablet, earphones, an iPhone, and her wallet. They even immediately turned around and spent about $10,000 at Neiman Marcus.

But that wasn't the only time someone had been robbed in this very same parking lot. On a different day Fran Mottern was loading her car with items she'd purchased for the Austin Street Shelter. She finished loading, close her doors but didn't lock them, walked the buggy back to the store, and by the time she got back her purse had been taken.

Within 20 minutes someone had tried to use her credit cards three times at a nearby Target. Mottern noted that they not only got her cards, but her driver's license and her house key.

The Dallas Police Department is actively investigating these thefts and encourage everyone to remain alert and cautious even in familiar surroundings. They also say it's a good idea to carry as few valuables with you as possible and maybe even keep an inventory of those items just in case something like this happens to you.

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