It's caught some flack for it's name, it's emblem (it does look a LOT like the emblems in Star Trek), and pretty much everything else, but the United States Space Force is a real thing. It's even got its very first recruiting commercial and slogan. "Maybe your purpose on this planet ... Isn't on this planet."

The Space Force, a completely new branch of the United States Armed Forces was officially established on December 20th, 2019, and is a part of the Department of the Air Force. As with all new military branches there will be changes and tweaks to the organizational structure as it finds its footing and place in the overall military structure.

In the mean time, they are already busy actively recruiting members. The Space Force was assigned about 16,000 military and civilian personnel in December with some of those coming from United States Air Force Space Command ranks.

A few days ago, the official flag of the Space Force was unveiled with an oval office ceremony at the White House.

According to the explanation given in the video, the delta in the flag has been used by the space community for years, the North Star is emblematic of the core values and guiding light of the new command, and the orbit around the Earth signifies the United States' space capabilities that fuel the American way of life.

The stated mission of the U.S. Space Force is to train and equip space based forces to protect the United States and allies. Space Force responsibilities will include the development of space professionals, acquiring military space systems in space, maturing military doctrine for space power, and organizing space forces for Combatant Commands.

While we're all busy dealing with day to day issues here on terra firma, it looks like the United States Air Force, and now Space Force, are looking steadily into the 22nd century.

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