As we grow ever more comfortable with ordering online and having things delivered to us it's amazing the trail of information we leave behind. Uber recently shared some of the trends they've noticed with people using their services in 2019 and what they expect for 2020.

For instance, they drive more people to the Empire State Building in New York than any other destination in the world.

The most popular international destination for Americans was Mexico.

And we love to order food delivered to our international destinations like the Eiffel Tower.

Speaking of food, here are what their current trends indicate will be the most popular food deliveries in 2020.

In fifth place, anything Keto. Reishi is expected to be in fourth place. Collagen should be third. Squid Ink will be second. And the most popular food delivery predicted for 2020 is ... Starfruit.

Starfruit? OK, that's a fruit that is shaped like a star when you slice it. Got it. I'm cool with that. But Squid Ink? According to, it's been used as a food for centuries.

Maybe I'm a little old-fashioned, but I think I'll stick with burgers, pizzas, salads. If you try the Squid Ink let me know what it tastes like. I'm curious, but not that curious.

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