There's no shame in being a one-hit wonder, because it's really, really hard to notch a hit. Every year brings songs and artists we'll never see or hear from again. Inevitably, songs you love will join a list that includes names like Jessica Andrews, Chely Wright and Cyndi Thomson.

If you just said, "Who?" it's okay. That's part of the reason one-hit wonders become one-hit wonders. You may know the song, but not the artist, so when single No. 2 drops, the audience collectively yawns. In some cases, artists featured in this 10 Unforgettable One-Hit Wonders video just quit or broke up. Others are still working, hoping that one day soon they can be removed from this notorious group.

Relive songs from Ricochet, Heartland, Aaron Lines and Ty England in this video. Who? Don't worry, you'll recognize the songs. After you watch, check out more from our Unforgettable Country Moments collection.

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