So you think you can party with the best of them? Maybe, maybe not. According to a recent CNN poll the United States came in second to the United Kingdom when people were asked how many days a year they get drunk.

Honestly, I'm not sure we really WANT to be at the top of this list but here's the breakdown. A new global survey of 124,000 people found that the average American gets drunk fifty times a year. That number is actually staggering (pardon the pun) to me because that would be nearly once a week. It seems to me that if you're getting drunk on a weekly basis you have a drinking problem.

The global AVERAGE was 33 times a year. Chile had the lowest number at 16, and Great Britain, the only nation to beat the United States, came in at 51 times a year. To be fair, they do enjoy a pint with their lunch in the middle of the day whereas we here in the states tend to wait until evening to start drinking.

Some other interesting statistics that came from the poll are that 98 percent of adults surveyed said they had tried alcohol at least once in their life, 86 percent saying they'd done so in the last year. That's not too surprising, even the non-drinkers that I know have at least tried a sip once or twice and simply choose not to imbibe any more.

A full 40 percent of the drinkers in the United States say they would like to drink less in the next twelve months than in the last.

And, according to the poll, 17 percent of the times people get drunk they end up regretting it. Seriously? Only 17 percent? That surprises me as we do tend to do some pretty stupid things when we've had a few too many. That number is 21 percent for the ladies and 15 percent for the guys.

Let's leave this title to the Brits and enjoy not being the Drunkest Country In The World. While we're at it, let's all try to drink responsibly and if you think you may have had one to many you probably have. Leave your keys in your pocket and catch a cab home.

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