We've got us a good 'ol fashioned "dork-off' on our hands

Look we all crave attention to some degree or another.  Introverts might disagree, but y'all still want your friends at least to be interested in what you're up to.

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But for us extroverts, we have the need to take it to the extreme sometimes.  When I was younger, I would do about anything to get attention.  In fact,  neither of the two videos below seems that crazy to me, but I want you to be the judge.  Leave a comment below on who you think is the bigger rascal.

Burning out in front of cops.

So this gentleman (we're all assuming they're a guy, right?) decides to peel out and smoke his tires directly in view of Texas State Troopers in Austin.  Pretty cool right?  Of course, 5 seconds later he's pulled over and getting a ticket.

Gettin' milky with it.

So this artist decides to create his next masterpiece at the checkout counter of Walmart.  I think he's calling it "Dipsh*t wastes a whole gallon of milk for internet clout." Is that a crime though?  Maybe littering?  Sir, don't mess with texas.

Which one is cooler?

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