Lightning, hail, and tornado cells, oh my!

I don't know if the weather is getting crazier these days, or if we're just catching more of it on video since we all have a camera in our pockets at all times.  It's probably the latter.

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We had some widespread and varying weather happening all over north Texas this past weekend. I've gathered a trio of the best videos from around the internet from yesterday's storms.

Oh Hail

Up first is some fairly big, marble-sized hail pouring down in someone's backyard in Spring, Texas.

That's some pretty good-sized hail.

Tornado Cell

Up next, we have a tornado cell forming over Graham, Texas.  

Might want to keep an eye on that thing!

Holy Molies!

And now for the grand finale, a cloud-to-ground lightning strike caught on a live camera in Sherman, Texas.

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