You Won't Believe What Happened When a Semi-Truck Made a Right Turn in Texas.

My favorite thing about the video at the bottom of this article is there is literally a yellow warning sign on the back of the semi for the exact thing that pickup truck does.

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Did they just make a bad decision and try to turn right before the truck had a chance or did they just miss the right turn indicator?

Praise the Camera Person

I love how at one point, the person taking the video zooms in to show the "Warning: Wide Right Turns," sign. It's really a thing of beauty.



Old Enough to Know Better

The first time I viewed the video, I assumed maybe this was a new driver and just didn't understand the danger of what they were doing, but I got more of an "elderly couple" vibe from the silhouettes in the cab of that pickup truck.  

Lesson to Learn

But maybe there are some new drivers watching this video who don't understand what happened here, so I'll lay it out. When 18-wheelers make right turns, they have to swing the cab out pretty for left and make a big 'ol wide turn. Often, it takes a while, since they need more space from the oncoming traffic to get all that weight moving. You might think that you can sneak in real quick in the open space they left and turn right real quick, but they can't see you at that point, and if they start turning, this is what happens.

Check out the video for yourself below!


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