We all survived the big (?) storming of Area 51 a couple weeks ago with no major revelations. But there are more mysteries on this planet than other-worldly tech on secret Air Force bases. I'm talking Sasquatch, the Abominable Snowman, Bigfoot.

I know he's real, I saw the Bigfoot Crossing signs while driving through East Texas one time. It seems others also believe in this mysterious and elusive creature. So much so that there's a Bigfoot Festival coming up later this month in South Carolina.

According to OnlyInOurState.com there have been more than 50 sightings in South Carolina since 1991. Then six years ago, ABC News reported that one veterinarian was claiming DNA evidence proved that Bigfoot did exist, and was related to us.



Whether you believe he's real or not, there's a Bigfoot Festival coming up on October 26th in Westminster, South Carolina, a small town located in prime Bigfoot territory just outside the Chattahoochee National Forest. The festival promises live music, food, guest speakers, and maybe some really BIG guests.


Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook


Come to think of it, that's the weekend before Halloween. If you go, let us know if the big guy shows up.

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