For some time now the Wichita Falls Faith Mission has been telling us that every story matters. Now they have a story of their own to tell and they'd love it if you watched.

They'll be premiering their documentary, The Gift of Faith, on Tuesday, November 17th. The documentary tells a compelling story of life from despair to hope. From addiction to freedom. From lost to found.

These are stories gathered by the Faith Mission from people right here in the Wichita Falls area. People just like you and me, fighting real battles, winning real victories.

Wichita Falls Faith Mission via Facebook
Wichita Falls Faith Mission via Facebook

You can watch The Gift of Faith on the Wichita Falls Faith Mission Facebook page, or head over to their YouTube channel and watch it there. It will be premiered at 10:00 a.m., Tuesday, November 17th, on both media with a second showing at 7:00 that evening.

The story of Faith Mission began in Wichita Falls on April 14th, 1958. The mission at that time was only serving transient men. Since that small beginning they have moved a few times. They purchased the old Lamar Baptist Church at 4th and Lamar in the spring of 1968. They eventually outgrew that location and constructed their current facility at 1300 Travis Street in 1988. Faith Resale was opened in 2008, and Faith Refuge for women and families was opened in 2012.

Addiction recovery programs became available in 1988, and transitional houses for men and women were both opened in the last few years.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone over the last few months and Faith Mission needs your help now more than ever. Last year they provided 16,095 beds and served 123,362 meals. Donations can be made online at any time.

The Gift of Faith premieres on Tuesday, November 17th.

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