We now know what the FBI was doing searching a house on Keeler Avenue in Wichita Falls earlier today.

According to KAUZ, 28 year old Seth Aaron Pendley was arrested after allegedly attempting to obtain explosive devices from an undercover FBI agent.

He was allegedly plotting to blow up a data center in Virginia.

The FBI was flagged to suspicious behavior by a concerned citizen and began to investigate.

According to the complaint a user with the screenname 'Dionysus' was posting on a forum dedicated to organizing militia groups. The poster said that he was planning to "conduct a little experiment" that might "draw a lot of heat" and could be "dangerous."

A confidential source provided the FBI with the users email address which led them to Pendley in Wichita Falls.

A subsequent search of Pendley's Facebook account showed posts boasting about being at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th.

Pendley allegedly planned to use C-4 plastic explosives to attack a prominent tech company's web servers that he believed supplied data to the FBI, CIA, and other government agencies.

On April 8th Pendley met with an undercover FBI agent to facilitate the purchase of explosives. After loading the devices into his vehicle Pendley was arrested and charged with attempting to destroy a building with explosives.

If convicted he faces up to 20 years in prison.

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