Which is scarier? Facing a gaggle of costumed kids outside your door with no candy to give them on Halloween night or the outcome of next Tuesday's election?

For many people that's a toss up. For others, the election results win hands down.

According to the New York Post a recent Harris poll of more than two thousand Americans found that many of us will be eating and drinking to calm our jitters as we watch the election returns trickle in. Just what we'll be consuming through that evening varies.

46 percent said they'd be munching on junk food. Possibly Halloween leftovers or something they swiped from their kid's stash. Another 42 percent said there was a pizza in their plan.

26 percent of those surveyed said they'd wash that pizza down with a beer (or two). 23 percent said they'd spend the evening sipping on their favorite wine. And 15 percent said they've got the perfect liquor in mind. That means 64 percent of us will be consuming some amount of alcohol either as celebration or to numb the pain on election night.

For places where it's legal, another 13 percent said they'd be consuming some form of 'cannibis product' that evening.

When asked where they planned on watching the results, 84 percent said they were keeping it small with a group of 10 people or less. The remaining 16 percent said they had no fears of large gatherings.

All of this, of course, is predicated on actually watching the results on election night. Only 46 percent said they planned on watching the results come in on November 3rd. That's surprising considering the amount of attention and discussion there is surrounding this year's Presidential race. Another 23 percent said the stress was too great and they didn't think they could bear to watch it unfold in real time. They'll go to bed early and check the results on Wednesday morning.

Speaking of Wednesday morning, considering the amounts of alcohol some people will need to get through election night, there may be more than a few calling in sick the next day.

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