Its not all sunshine and rainbows in the Lonestar State, but what parts of Texas are just the most miserable to live in?

Business Insider compiled their list of the 50 most miserable cities in the country going by census results and determining which had the most miserable living conditions based on factors including unemployment and poverty rates, natural disasters, and drops in population.

California, New Jersey, and Florida topped the list with the most cities, but Texas didn't get away free either, with five cities on the list, ranging from 48th place all the way up to 2nd place.

48th - Pasadena, TX

Pasadena made it to list due to its 35% unemployment rate, 20% poverty rate, and 29% uninsured rate. Also, the city was once the HQ of the Texas branch of the KKK, resulting in racial divides in the city even today.

39th - Harlingen, TX

For Harilngen, a 44% unemployment rate and 30% poverty rate lead to its inclusion on the list. Its also one of three cities where thousands of immigrants have been released to, adding pressure on the city to care for the new residents while dealing with recent flooding.

20th - Huntsville, TX

Having a prison town on the list shouldn't be a surprise. It has a high unemployment rate at 61%, but that's partially due to the prisoners being counted as part of the city's 41,500 residents.

12th - Brownsville, TX

Brownsville's woes are partially tied to it being so close to the Mexican border. Due to concerns on illegal immigration, it is one of the most patrolled cities in the country and many residents report difficulties selling their property. The city also has a 44% unemployment rate, 31% poverty rate, and more than one-third of residents do not have health insurance.

2nd - Port Arthur, TX

Being hit by three hurricanes in the last 15 years has taken its toll on Port Arthur, with Hurricane Harvey dealing $1.3 billion in damage to the city. With only half of the 55,000 residents working and 30% in poverty, officials are concerned about more residents leaving the area as the city will no longer be eligible for federal aide if their population drops below 50,000.

The complete list...

50Lancaster, California
49St. Louis, Missouri
48Pasadena, Texas
47Macon-Bibb County, Georgia
46Danville, Virginia
45Shreveport, Louisiana
44Hemet, California
43Mansfield, Ohio
42San Bernardino, California
41Compton, California
40Montebello, California
39Harlingen, Texas
38Reading, Pennsylvania
37Hallandale Beach, Florida
36Palmdale, California
35Anderson, Indiana
34Fort Pierce, Florida
33North Miami Beach, Florida
32Jackson, Mississippi
31Saginaw, Michigan
30Plainfield, New Jersey
29West New York, New Jersey
28Miami Gardens, Florida
27Cleveland, Ohio
26Youngstown, Ohio
25North Miami, Florida
24Huntington, West Virginia
23Hammond, Indiana
22El Monte, California
21Lynwood, California
20Huntsville, Texas
19Paterson, New Jersey
18Albany, Georgia
17Trenton, New Jersey
16Cicero, Illinois
15Union City, New Jersey
14Bell Gardens, California
13Hialeah, Florida
12Brownsville, Texas
11New Brunswick, New Jersey
10Huntington Park, California
9Warren, Ohio
8Camden, New Jersey
7Flint, Michigan
6Pine Bluff, Arkansas
5Newark, New Jersey
4Passaic, New Jersey
3Detroit, Michigan
2Port Arthur, Texas
1Gary, Indiana

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