The same person won the ACM Award Entertainer of the Year Award five times in a row, from the first official ACM Awards in 1966 all the way through 1970. Do you know who that was?

If you said "Nobody," you're right! As crazy as it seems, the ACM Awards didn't even have the category of Entertainer of the Year for the first five years the awards show was in existence. Merle Haggard took home the first-ever Entertainer of the Year award at the ACM Awards in 1971, during a hot streak right after the release of both "Okie From Muskogee" and "Fightin' Side of Me."

The first-ever ACM Awards didn't even have categories for Song, Single or Album of the Year. The biggest prize was Man of the Year, and since the awards were developed to "promote country in the Western 13 states," they slanted very heavily toward California-based artists including Buck Owens, Roger Miller and Haggard initially. Bizarrely, Johnny Cash is among the artists who have never won an ACM Award.

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