Congratulations, Wichita Falls! We've finally made it to the big time. We've finally got our own filter on Snapchat!

If you aren't familiar with how filters work on Snapchat, basically they let you put a logo over your picture before you send it to your friends. These can be about events or holidays but many have to do with your location. If you go to any big city, you usually can have a certain logo for that location. It also works for many concert venues and sports arenas.

Up to now, the only thing we had in Wichita Falls was if you were on the MSU campus. Now the whole city has the option.

To utilize this new filter, first you have to have filters turned on in your Snapchat settings. Then you have to make sure your location data is turned on. Then you take your picture and swipe over until the Wichita Falls filter comes up.

So get to snapping and showing off that Wichita Falls logo to your friends. It's the dawning of a new era in the Wichita Falls Snapchat world!