This woman is lucky to be alive.

Texoma’s Homepage is reporting that officers from the Wichita Falls Police Department responded to several calls about a woman who was dancing and doing cartwheels on Central Freeway in the area between the TxDot Travel Information Center and Old Iowa Park Road around 11 am on Tuesday, June 22.

The first officer on the scene spotted her sitting against the divider in the center of the freeway while cars sped past her.

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After she saw him, she hopped over the divider and took off running across four lanes of traffic, forcing drivers to swerve and slam on their brakes to keep from hitting her.

She ended up turning around and heading back into traffic a couple of more times before suddenly dropping to her belly right in the middle of the freeway.

That’s when the officer ran across the highway, jumped the barrier and scooped her up off the road and get her safely off the road.

The woman, identified as 37-year-old Elizabeth Aleman, was arrested and transported to the Wichita County Jail, where she was charged with obstructing a highway and evading arrest.

Aleman has a lengthy arrest record including arrests for criminal trespass, assault family violence and harassment of a public servant, among other things.

In September of 2020, she was arrested for arson after setting a couch on fire inside her mobile home. She’s also apparently really into cartwheels, because that’s exactly what she was doing in her yard when firefighters arrived on the scene.

Aleman clearly needs some help. Let’s hope she gets it.

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