That regrettable, ugly tattoo of yours just might net you some cash.

Almost everyone I know is tattooed. While they were a little more taboo when I was a kid in the 80s, tattoos are mainstream in this day and age.

And many people end up with some ink they’re not very proud of.

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Most folks just suck it up and eventually get their bad tats covered up. If you’re in that category, I advise you to wait a bit before having it covered.

That’s because Withershins Menagerie is looking for the ugliest tattoo in Wichita Falls. And the person who is deemed to have the ugliest ink in The Falls will take home $100 cash when the contest wraps up.

To make the best out of a bad situation, take a picture of that ugly tattoo of yours and send it to by Friday, June 30. Keep an eye on your email afterward to find out if you’re a finalist.

The winner will need to stop by Withershins Menagerie at 7:00 pm Thursday, July 6 during the After Hours ArtWalk to claim their prize.

So, the next time your friends are giving your hell about your ugly tattoo, point out the fact that you might actually score a $100 bill with it.

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