A Wichita Falls woman is behind bars after her boyfriend accused her of trying to stab him during an argument about him moving out.

Around 8:54 pm Sunday (9/24), officers with the WFPD responded to a call concerning a disturbance at a residence in the 1800 block of Hampton Road.

Upon arrival, responding officers made contact with the victim, who had obvious scratch marks to his face, head and arms. The victim claimed to have gotten into a verbal argument with his girlfriend, 42-year-old Melissa Ann Davidson, about him moving out.

The man said Davidson first attacked him by scratching him with her finger nails before grabbing a knife and trying to stab him with it. He claimed that he was able to grab her from behind and restrain her while calling 911.

Davidson fled the scene before the officers arrived, but they were eventually able to locate her at a neighbor’s house.

She claimed the man stomped on her head while she was sleeping and held her down, which lead to her scratching him. She admitted to grabbing a knife by the handle, but denied ever trying to stab him.

Officers didn’t see or feel a bump after examining the area Davidson claimed he had stomped on. She also didn’t have any red marks indicating she had been assaulted.

Davidson was arrested and charged with aggravated assault family violence. She was released from the Wichita County Jail on $1,500 bail.

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