A Wichita Falls woman was able to interrupt her own assault by grabbing her attacker's family jewels.

20-year-old Dequavious Eugene Sanderson was arrested Wednesday and charged with one count of continuous violence against the family after he allegedly attacked the mother of his child.

According to Times Record News, the mother of Sanderson's son told officers she received a text from Sanderson saying she had to come pick up their child. After Sanderson put their son in the mother's car, he and the mother got into an argument. According to the woman, Sanderson struck her in the mouth and then repeatedly punched her in the stomach until she fell to the ground. While she was on the ground, Sanderson started kicking her in the stomach until she reached up and grabbed his crotch to keep him from attacking. Once she had the situation in hand, Sanderson ran back into his residence at the 1000 block of Woods Street, where police later found him.

Sanderson's charge was increased to a third-degree felony as he had a previous arrest last month for attacking the same woman.

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