Remember a while back when we told you about a Wichita Falls woman with a meth pipe stashed ... where it didn't belong? Well, it looks like she's in trouble again. At least this time she didn't shove anything up her you-know-what, this time she tried to hide her keys from the police officer by stuffing them into her mouth. While she was talking to the police officer.

Texoma's Homepage is reporting that 23-year-old Riley Sage Weiss was taken into custody this week after police found several I.D.s and credit cards belonging to other people in her vehicle.

But the story has a few unexpected twists and turns.

Wichita County Jail Booking Photo
Wichita County Jail Booking Photo

According to the story an officer had stopped at the intersection of Taft Boulevard and Southwest Parkway and noticed an unoccupied vehicle parked parallel to the convenience store entrance. The officer went inside and began speaking with Weiss. At first she said the car outside wasn't hers, then that it was her husband's vehicle and he had dropped her off then left the area.

While the officer was questioning her she apparently pushed a button on a key fob in her hand which caused the lights on the car to flash. That's when allegedly stuffed the keys into her mouth.

The officer quickly grabbed the sides of her mouth to prevent her from swallowing anything and retrieved the keys.

Weiss then gave the officer permission to search the vehicle which resulted in the discovery of a man's I.D., a debit card, and a social security card.

Weiss allegedly later admitted to driving the car, then changed the story again to say that someone else had been driving but she did not know where that person had gone.

This is not the first time Weiss has been in trouble with the law. In fact she has a long history with the Wichita Falls police including 19 arrests ranging from drugs, to assaults, to aggravated robberies, burglary, theft, and evading arrest.

One wonders what's going on in the minds of some people.

Thanks to a good eye and quick thinking from a Wichita Falls Police Officer the streets are a little safer tonight.

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