Hot on the heels of the CDC advising against letting our kids go out tick-or-treating this year comes another study on how we're going to handle this popular holiday.

According to PRNewswire a new study conducted by has highlighted a few more ways the constant threat of COVID-19 has changed the way we're going about our lives.

Out of the more than 1,500 people surveyed in the United States, 30.86 percent said that kids aged 13 to 14 should be able to trick-or-treat by themselves. That compares with just over 5 percent saying kids between 7 and 8 were OK by themselves and 26.55 percent saying kids 15 and up were fine by themselves.

Because this survey was conducted by the largest online retailer of Halloween costumes some of the questions dealt with that topic. When asked if there were enough age appropriate costumes for girls 28.86 percent said No, 30.75 percent said Yes, and the remaining 50.19 percent said Not Sure.

One in five pet owners in the survey said they were planning a costume for their fur baby.

34.17 percent said they would probably spend less on Halloween this year while only 7.86 percent said they were planning to spend more.

When asked if the coronavirus pandemic would affect the way they celebrate Halloween this year 39.85 percent said Yes, 19.96 percent said No, and 31.65 percent weren't sure.

Only one third of the adults surveyed said they planned to wear a protective face mask this year, but just over 9 percent said they'd be wearing their protective mask under their costume mask.

36.69 percent of those surveyed also said there should be no upper age limit for trick-or-treating so grab a mask and get some sweets for yourself while you're out with the kiddos.

You can see more of the results from this study on the PRNewswire website.

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