There's no reason to beat around the bush. It's Halloween. It's time to trick-or-treat.  In just hours your kids will be knocking on all the neighbors' doors and will come home with a big bag of candy.

We all know what the parents are going to do after the kids go to sleep tonight. You've got to root around in that bag, and take all the candy you want to eat make sure all the candy is safe.

Well, there's no reason you can't class the act up a bit. Pour yourself a glass of wine and truly enjoy the fruits of your kids' labor. Thankfully, the people at ELLE magazine are going to make it even easier.

Check out the video above to see 13 of the best pairings of wine with Halloween candy. Remember, it's not about drinking and stealing the kid's treats. It's about making sure they are safe from the tricks...yeah, that's it. Just keeping them safe.

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