Charges have finally come down on the woman that drove through the homecoming parade in 2015. 

It was a sad day back in October 2015 when we heard of the tragedy that happened at Oklahoma State. A driver barrelled through the crowd killing four people and injuring another 34. Adacia Chambers was charged with vehicular manslaughter. Yesterday, Adacia took the plea deal in her case.

She pleaded no contest to four counts of second-degree murder and 42 counts of assault and battery, earning four concurrent life sentences for the deaths and 10 additional years for the other charges.

J Pat Carter
J Pat Carter

"She absolutely under no circumstances wanted the victims and the family members of the victims to go through a trial. She did not want that," her attorney, Tony Coleman, told NewsOn6. "This is something she felt in her mind, at least she hopes, would get the families on their way to recovery."

Many people assumed Adacia was drunk since it was homecoming weekend, but she suffers from a mental condition. Attorneys said she suffered a psychiatric episode the day of these events.

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