OK, I think of myself as a pretty nice guy, the wild and crazy stuff always happens LONG after I’ve left the party, but the rules this woman in Australia laid out for her husband and friends at a bachelor party would have eliminated even me!

Apparently this woman’s husband had been invited to a bachelor party and she wasn’t comfortable with the idea so she came up with a list of rules including: no drugs; no alcohol; no strippers, dancers or women; no swearing; a midnight curfew; and all phones must be tracked at all times. Oh, did I mention that these rules would apply to ALL of the men at the party and not just her husband?

Here’s the actual post.

Bachelor Party Rules - image via Facebook
Bachelor Party Rules - image via Facebook

Wait, is this a bachelor party or a tween sleepover? While things like no illegal drugs should be common sense for everyone's day to day living, others seem extreme. No fast cars? C'mon!

After posting her rules for the event on Facebook she was absolutely bombarded with comments saying this was a bad idea so she decided to back off on the rules.

She also decided to not let her husband attend the party.

No word on what her husband had to say.

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