This man served our country and now he's finally getting the reward he's always wanted.

Roger Timmons, 90, who resides in Ohio's Logan County, did a stint in the Navy during World War Two. Somehow, Timmons never rode a school bus when he was a child, but always longed to do so.

Wish granted.

Timmons' daughter, with the help of the local school system, arranged for her dad to ride on a school bus and experience what millions of kids do each day (although we're guessing the spitballs and tripping kids as they walk to their seats were not part of the trip).

Timmons was pleased as punch about the whole thing. "It was wonderful," he said. "I enjoyed it very much."

Timmons may not be done with school buses, either. He hopes to ride another one when he 100. Here's hoping he gets his wish. Again.

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